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Kurumin 7 Linux OS Distribution

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Kurumin 7 Linux OS Distribution

Kurumin Linux was a Live CD operating system based on Knoppix. Its main features are the advanced hardware auto-detection (inherited from Knoppix) and a Portuguese user interface, and its main goal is ease of use. As of release 7.0, the size of the disk image is approximately 603 MB.

Kurumin Linux is a Brazilian run-from-CD Linux distribution based on Knoppix. Its main features are excellent hardware auto-detection, support for Brazilian Portuguese and small size. 

The name comes from the Tupi word "kurumi", which means boy. The usage of the letter K, instead of the usual Portuguese spelling ("curumi" or "curumim"), brings it in line with KDE (Kurumin's default desktop environment), as well as with Knoppix.

Kurumin was a Linux distribution developed by the Hardware Guide staff and collaborators, aiming to be an easy to use system, geared especially for beginners and ex-Windows users. Originally Kurumin was developed based on Knoppix, then moving on to also use components Kanotix and other projects, besides being based on Debian packages. All components used and scripts are open, which also enabled the emergence of modified versions of the system.

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Despite having made a great success and have been for some time one of the most widely used distributions in the country, the project ended up failing to attract a group of developers interested in participating actively in the development. This and other factors (including the justified charging around new features and enhancements) ultimately causing the project to be discontinued in January 2008.

Kurumin continued to receive support and minor upgrades throughout 2008 and early 2009, following the life cycle of Debian Etch, in which the system is based. The release of Debian Lenny on 15/02/2009 marked the end of the maintenance cycle Kurumin 7, marking the closure of the support system. If you still are using, we recommend upgrading to Debian Lenny, which is the direct successor. 

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Free Download Kurumin 7 Linux OS

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