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Chakra Linux OS Free Download

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Free Download Chakra Linux OS

Chakra Linux is pure KDE. It is an independent and streamlined GNU/Linux desktop distribution optimized for the award-winning KDE Software Compilation and the Qt framework. Chakra is built around principles of freedom and features a half-rolling release model which allows fast, easy, and stable updates to the latest software. Our community-driven repository is designed to extend package choice and encourage community feedback.

The Chakra Project is dedicated to providing a pure KDE/Qt desktop operating system that is simple and transparent. 

The Chakra Project brings a ground-up Linux distribution, a free software showcase project created by a bunch of people who like the KISS principles, the elegance of the Plasma Desktop and a special repository to support well known Gtk applications.

Chakra Linux is built by people who love the power and elegance of KDE and the Qt framework but also adhere to principles of simplicity. As a more "pure" Linux distribution, Chakra is modular and easily customizable.
Simplicity goes beyond the easy installation process and nice user interface. It is about being organized, uncluttered and efficient in all aspects. Simplicity in structure and code enhances stability, power, speed and ease of use. It involves a transparency of the system, allowing users to clearly understand what is going on behind the scenes. Often this will include graphical user interfaces (GUI), but Chakra is not afraid of the command line and may favor its use at times.Free Download Chakra Linux OS.

Free Download Chakra Linux OS

The Chakra GNU/Linux operating system along with its appendant software and scripts are free software which we are proud to develop because it makes a difference. To us, “free software” is more than just about price, it's about liberty, and is more closely related to “Free Speech". However, to offer users the smoothest possible experience we occasionally bend the rules and include proprietary drivers and software if no viable free alternative is available. For those who choose, switching between this proprietary software can always be done at system start-up (for drivers) or once logged in (for everything else).

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Chakra Linux OS Free Download

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